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Printing and Lamination

In the last few years in the packaging sector the doypack has begun to find more and more ude. Compatible with any product solution, both liquid and solid, it's the ideal choiche for food and cosmetic products.

The doypack has been designed to seal the contents and protect it from moisture, leaving the product unaltered and isolating it from external agents.

Heat-sealable films for doypacks offering excellent stiffness and high performances in the sealing phase, which allows to create stand-up items even with a single PE layer with external printing.


  • Excellent runnability
  • Sealing even in presence of liquids and contamination
  • Excellent shine
  • Good thermal resistance on traditional packaging machines
  • Excellent sealing with resealable freshness-saving zip and dispenser spout
  • Possibility of handle
  • Also available in barrier version. The EVOH barrier has excellent impermeability to oxygen, carbon dioxide and aromas.

Available also:

  • One version (MMF01 ST) with better toughness and mechanical properties
  • One version (MMF02 PLUS) mirror printing with optimized transparency properties
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