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Easy-opening peelable films

Our peelable films for tray lidding and easy-opening packaging are designed to adhere on several surfaces with calibrated peeling forces.
They ensure usability as well as safety and excellent sealing tightness
The range includes three different adhesion mechanisms based on the desired application: adhesive peeling, cohesive peeling, internal delamination peeling (Burst Peel).
Our solutions are targeted and reliable and designed to adhere to PE, PP, PS, PET, PVC, Aluminium, glass and paper.

The peelable films in the LPEEL series

LPEEL 15: universal peelable film
LPEEL 25: peelable film to PE and itself
LPEEL 30: peelable film to PP
LPEEL 35: peelable film to PP
LPEEL 45: peelable film to A-PET
LPEEL 50: peelable film to Aluminium
LPEEL 65: universal peelable film
LPEEL30-R: peelable film on PP, suitable for retort
SPEEL 30: Burst Peel on PP.

Barrier, anti-fog and UV-absorber properties available for all films.

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