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Rethink, Renew, Recycle

Rethink, Renew, Recycle

Our solutions

In a society that appreciates circular economy more and more in order to reduce waste, Jolly Plastic has continued to invest on its innovation process!

In order to satisfy the evolving market we have developed new sustainable solutions that are consistent with the 3 Green topics of the moment:

  • BIO film
  • Monomaterial film
  • Recycled-material film
BIO Film

This is our new “Green” product line for Biodegradable or Compostable flexible packaging. It is “OK compost” and “OK Compost Home” certified.

A “Biodegradable” material is broken down by at least 90% within six months. (A biodegraded material is converted into water, carbon dioxide and small particles that are not harmful to the environment). A “Compostable” material is broken down by at least 90% within three months. The material can be composted by industrial processes (“OK Compost”) or at home in the compost bin through the natural action of soil microorganisms and enzymes (“OK Compost Home”).

Over the last years the fields in which it is possible to effectively use BIO films have increased sharply. Some examples taken from our portfolio are: lamination with paper, heat-shrink films, thermoforming films, food films.

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Monomaterial Film

There is no doubt that the final frontier of environmental-friendly plastic packaging is monomaterial packaging made of polymers of the same group (PE).

Monomaterial packaging is a decisive turning point in the packaging industry as far as circular economy is concerned, as this type of packaging is easier to recycle and is therefore more environmental conscious and sustainable. The challenge now is to replace bonded-material packaging, which is more difficult or impossible to recycle, with new high-tech solutions.

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Recycled-material Film

Films based on reclaimed material are another sustainable and environmental friendly solution that is effective to reduce waste and accelerate the transition to a circular economy where materials at the end of their lifecycle are recovered and reclaimed.

This type of film is particularly recommended for single-use packaging and sanitary toilet paper (tissue industry) and is composed of ISCC-certified post-consumer or PSV-certified post-industrial granule.

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