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"We are an integral part of our land and we act responsibly for our future"

Being socially responsible is an asset for our company

Among Jolly Plastic’s goals are the conscious use of plastic materials, waste reduction and the minimization of the environmental impact through a circular organization that takes into account the whole product lifecycle.

Our commitment

100%: our recycling rate

All of our production waste is treated to be transformed into a resource. Our goal is to make the plastic cycle as sustainable as possible.

Energy efficiency

At any time our systems allow us to collect data on the nature of consumption, carry out fault diagnosis and, if necessary, improve our energy consumption. We constantly integrate new technologies so as to achieve energy efficiency and save resources by reducing waste to a minimum.


Thanks to our in-house laboratory  we invest in the creation of specifically-formulated tailor-made products based on our customers’ needs, the goal being to make products less thick and, at the same time, improve their mechanical/physical performances.

Company welfare

We believe that the first requirement in terms of corporate social responsibility is our employees’ health and safety. Besides supervising the compliance with the rules that ensure our workers’ physical safety and providing suitable equipment and preventive measures, we embrace all the initiatives aiming at improving the working environment by making it more comfortable and productive.

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