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Printing and Lamination

By "Printing and lamination" it is meant the process to join two or more materials so that they adhere to each other creating a single sheet. The goal is to combine materials in order to create supports with the desired specific properties.

The films in our LP range are the core of our production. Over the last 15 years, our films for printing and lamination were constantly updated and renewed in relation to the evolution of raw material performances, the evolution of converting technologies and the increasingly high performances required by final users.

The LP range cover all the applications currently demanded by the market:

  1. Direct printing
  2. Flow-pack
  3. FFS
  4. Top lidding
  5. Thermoforming.

The characteristics of each film in this range are calibrated in terms of mechanical resistance, hot-tack and seal strength, COF, flatness and thickness tolerance.

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